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How To Raise Kids With a Millionaire Mindset

By: Victor Trammell

There is an ancient proverb, which has even been traced to The Scriptures that states: “You can always judge a tree by the fruit that is born from it.”

The logic explained here can definitely be metaphorically applied to parenthood. Mothers and fathers are the most immediate sources of influence for any child. The mindstate and psychological profile of today’s boys and girls will always be predominantly shaped by the mentality of their household’s leaders.

Homeschooling children as opposed to sending them off to a public or even private K-12 educational institution has its instant advantages. This can especially be the case when parents are properly trained and setting a good socioeconomic example themselves.

The problem with the conventional system of education is that it primarily indoctrinates a mentality of dependence, entitlement, and poverty into the minds of today’s students. For parents of children who are attending conventional schools, being a buffer of opposition to these indoctrinations is vital.

Here are a few ways that parents can enhance their children’s ability to embrace and eventually apply the values utilized by modern millionaires and successful entrepreneurs:

1, Do not require them to get low-wage jobs working for other people at a young age. 

This is a fundamental and critical application because the types of jobs that teenagers are typically qualified for do not provide meaningful experiences that give them the immediate opportunity to solve complex problems. I myself entered the workforce at an early age out of the economic necessity to assist my single mother in the household with my younger siblings. However, nothing at any of those jobs I took during that time provided anything of value that I could proudly pass along to future children.

2. Do not give them unearned allowances.

Raising children to benefit from you as a parent without requiring them to think or problem solve is definitely a way to guide them toward a mindstate of poverty. Remember, poverty first and foremost is a mentality more than it is a condition. That condition is promoted to children when they become monetarily spoiled by parents. This is the same way the government tolerates career welfare recipients.

3. Teach them the art of selling products, ideas, and presenting themselves.

When I was working on my bachelor’s degree in business, I rigorously applied the skills needed to give presentations to private investors for financial ventures. These skills are not just applicable to business students trying to graduate or aspiring tech entrepreneurs looking for start-up capital. These skills can be taught to children in the household. Being able to sell things and present yourself in a professionally confident manner are imperative for any person trying to be a millionaire in a capitalist society like America.

4. Explain the difference between good service and bad service.

As a consumer, it is always important to know how to get the best deal on whatever product or service you are seeking. It is also important to witness a quality service model, which should be exhibited by the business you choose to support with your spending dollars. Teach children the difference between what is good and bad service in various facets of the business world. There is a difference between consuming like an insider and consuming like an outsider.

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