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Gay, Lesbian School Opening In Atlanta To Enroll Kids as Young as 5 Years Old

By: Krystle Crossman

Atlanta, Georgia will be opening a first-of-its-kind school in September of 2016. It caters to a specific group and is meant to help alleviate the pressure and bullying that these particular students have had to endure. Pride School Atlanta will be a K-12 school for LGBT teens. It will be a place where they can learn without the fear of bullying. Transgender teacher and founder of the Pride School Atlanta, Christian Zsilavetz, says that it will be a school where students don’t have to be afraid to be themselves around the teachers and where the teachers can be themselves as well.

Bullying in public schools has been a serious issue for many years. However in recent years the bullying has become more focused on LGBT teens than ever before. It gets to the point where they are afraid to go to school because they know that they are going to be picked on or worse. Many students over the last decade have even taken their own lives because of the bullying. Pride School Atlanta hopes to change the way that LGBT teens see school. They want the students to know that it is okay to be who they want to be and love who they want to love. Many of the teachers are LGBT as well which helps to put the students at ease. There is no judgement, just freedom and education.

When a student feels comfortable with their teachers and advisors they are more likely to talk about any problems that they are having as opposed to keeping it all inside. There are less incidents of suicide, attempted suicide, or self-harm. They know that they have someone that they can trust on their side. The students are able to release their emotions before they become too overwhelmed with it all. Zsilavetz states that this is one of the most important reasons as to why Pride School Atlanta was formed.

There are other schools in the U.S. that cater to LGBT students, such as the Harvey Milk School in New York City. What makes Pride School Atlanta different is that they are less structured than the other schools and take a different approach, much like that of a charter school. The tuition is $13,000 per year but there is financial aid available to those who may need it. Students who have already applied to enroll are excited at the thought of attending a school where they are free to be who they are without the threat of bullying.

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7 thoughts on “Gay, Lesbian School Opening In Atlanta To Enroll Kids as Young as 5 Years Old

  1. truth

    u MUST BE KIDDING RIGHT!!! U will be judged because of your influences that you will place on these innocent souls this is a form of discrimination and do not be surprise if someone will not blow the school up!!!! this is crazy

  2. Englebart

    The broken Yurugu’s twisted soul and sexual expression is indeed making headway in the minds of our most precious youth. Tragic.

  3. Valerie Henderson

    Although I don’t agree with the alternative lifestyle I do understand their need to feel physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally safe at school.

  4. themic

    the LGBT community has been coached to use BLACKS in breaking of new ground, to push its agenda, because the white 2016 world would be seen as a toothless bigot if they protest it…and typically the GOP will lead the way…who are in fact, racist. This is part of the all to real \gay agenda\ which was found in the book \after the ball:how america will get over its fear and hatred of Gays in the 90s\. a pro gay book made by two psych doctors.The way the blacks have been used to break new ground was in the form of Magic Johnson…who was paid off to say he had HIV, and represent \hope\ for us all. A beloved BLACK figure, in the midst of 100% gay celebs that were dying at the time, whom of which were not marketable as positive. Sams was used to break ground in the football league. Rue Paul was painted as a WOMAN, and not a gay man and given tv shows. NO white male in drag was given the shows like he was. Not even Divine. TILL THIS DAY. Now this is happening. . the LGBT community uses \we are like the civil rights of blacks\ to get their way, even photoshopping REAL civil rights scenes, to reflect their gay causes, such as the drinking fountain pictures. WE ARE NOT FOR YOUR STEPPING STONE.

  5. David Burton

    This is wrong on SO many levels.

    To subject an elementary school child to this is the sexual abuse of a child. It should not be condoned, it should be prosecuted.

    Moreover, exiling the VICTIM of bullying to a special needs school is NOT the way to address bullying.


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