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11 Year Old “sick of reading about white boys” Starts #1000BlackGirlBooks Project

By: Krystle Crossman

Marley Dias, 11, from Philadelphia is an incredible young woman. She has accomplished a lot in just 11 short years. Her greatest accomplishment has been starting a book drive that is geared towards empowering young black girls like herself. She told her mother that she was tired of reading about white boys in the books that she was given to read at school such as “Where the Red Fern Grows”. Her mother asked her what she was going to do about her current situation and she said that she was going to start a book drive for girls like her that wanted to read about strong black girls instead. And so #1000BlackGirlBooks was born.

The book drive is a collection of books that are written about black children. There are no main characters in any of the books that she has put together who are not black. She has a goal of putting together 1,000 books for the drive by February 1st. As of mid-January she had 400 books collected.

Dias is a firm believer in positive social action. She has attended the GrassROOTS Community Foundation Super Camp in her hometown which focuses on social action movements that young kids can become involved with. This camp has inspired Dias to make a change in her community for other kids like herself. Her mother, Janice, is a co-founder of the organization. Janice states that she grew up in an all-black community and so she didn’t have to worry about standing out or having to deal with not being heard. Her daughter is being raised in a different culture and she wants to make sure that she empowers Marley to have a voice and to stand up for other kids like her who may be having a difficult time.

All of the books that are being collected for the drive are going to be sent to St. Mary, Jamaica which is where Janice grew up. She wants to give back to her original community. While they are collecting books they are going to make a list of the titles and authors which will be made available to anyone who wants it.

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9 thoughts on “11 Year Old “sick of reading about white boys” Starts #1000BlackGirlBooks Project

  1. jeffrey

    We have to be careful about our language. The

    Too much of our self growth cannot, by reason, be born of being sick of white this or that. The best toss up of this habit of blacks is Reginald Lewis’ great book: \Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun\.

    I trink we get more ahead and less emotional and intellectual toxins by expressing the same thoughts as \getting sick of not seeing any black this or that\.

    • Geoffrey T. ford

      In a society that promotes white supremacy, (slanted news, criminal justice system, white [euro] Jesus, etc.) It’s hard to not “get sick” of the way this system is set up. Politically correctness not withstanding, I hear your point, but by the same token I get her’s as well.
      It’s sometimes hard to be PC or civil when every time someone wants to speak up for the rights of black people, and the betterment of the African American community, we are called “race-baiters” by whites with NO empathy against the evils this society continues to do against our people, and told to “stop whining”. This country has a lot to answer for towards the Black Americans In this country.
      It is a racist policy of exclusion when as an answer to the evils (wrongs) America has heaped on others in the past Japanese Americans, Eskimos, various Native American tribes, as well as Jewish people, who they helped build a nation, and continue to contribute aid to, in the amounts of billions, they will give reparations, but deny them to those who’s towns they burned down, and have done everything to trample economic growth in our communities, for over a hundred years since.
      Forty acres & a mule didn’t mean too much when in most cases they burned down the cities we built, and used laws to get back that which was given in a time when we didn’t have the right to vote. They’ve been preying on the black community for years, and it continues, as can be seen in the private owned prisons (plantations) sprouting up across the nation.
      America spent 1.4 trillion dollars on a plane that didn’t work, back in 2009, there is a record, look it up. That money along with subsides and incentives for business development, and education funding for poor neighborhood schools, would have been enough to get the black community moving in the right direction. Those on the right would rather see the funds go to defense spending. As if we need more “Arms” spending. They just want to line the pockets of the weapons manufacturers who are paying for their campaigns. We just need to pass on the information, and get the knowledge to the people. As the Bible says “my people are destroyed, for a lack of knowledge.”
      There is much this country HAS TO ANSWER FOR! We need to wake up our people, and politicians like Pres. Obama, and Bernie Sanders, who claim reparations, is too divisive an issue. When has the anger of BIGOTS been the criteria for America to act on a moral situations, if that was the case, what was the civil rights movement for? It is going to take courage, and the TRUTH, for African Americans to be given the RESPECT that has been given to other peoples wronged by this country. And don’t get it twisted, she NEVER said she hated anyone white or black, what she hates is the systems lack of a diversified choice in the reading curriculum. And on that, I feel her pain. That as well as the other things I wrote of needs to change. Let’s hope that day is soon! Peace my brotha’, and God bless us all.

  2. Canyar Score

    I just like that the girl is doing something she feels is positive, even if its filling her with hate and a waste of time. Write your own book, with characters and images of your choice. Saying youre sick of… anything is a very negative mindset for such a young, strong black girl to have. My Pops wouldnt let me use that word. Nor would he rally behind me to make a segregated decision. If a white girl did this, Id be at the corner store hearing the older women complaining about how the racist white child only wants white kids in their books. Another article is on here about a video of white kids crying because they got black dolls as presents. Why the heck are we mad at them, but this black girl is a Philly Hero???? Do u see its the same thing? Difference is, white people are just safer images for white folks & black folks alike. Its because of how the darn majority of us behave in general. Just allowing & honoring this girl for hating white boys, is no better than the pretty white kids crying at an ugly black doll. Im not an Uncle Tommie nor do I hate myself, skin etc. But I’ll tell u one thing, I waited many yrs to marry my wife- because white women turned me down. I kove my black queen. But she is classy, holds 3 degrees and does not ever cry wolf nor blame other races for anything. Im not praising her for that. Its just called being a decent human being. Its our Human Race duty. Get with the program. You are wasting your time. Handle ur business. Raise ur kids. Be human.

  3. rita

    I don’t see anything wrong in her ‘hate’ of reading books with white characters. Such an idea should not be easily criticized following the series of event that has discriminated the blacks and has posed them as those who lack the ability of critical reflection. This ‘hate’ is not strange it is just a sppirit of belonginess that emphasize a community lifestyle and family hood. Kudos girl

  4. Valentina

    Whites crying and wailing. She is sick of white this and that??!!! This country filled with different ethnicities and u only showcase one! This child is no slave to your colonial images.

  5. Tii

    Come on people she’s 11 years old, I don’t think hate is even in the equation. Out of the mouths of babes we are asked these questions because from an honest and genuine place, our babies can see what’s up! Y’all can learn a lot from her action for change in a positive way! Leave all the talk for your own page unless it’s positive uplifting guidance and encouragement!


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