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Kids at Boston “Ivy League feeder” School Make Youtube Video After Suffering Racism

By Victor Trammell

Two black female students at Boston Latin, a so-called elite “Ivy League feeder school” in Massachusetts have made their compelling YouTube video go viral.

Both Meggie Noel and Kylie Webster-Cazeau have brought a great deal of national attention to themselves by taking a firm stand against what they have called out as institutionalized racism at their New England preparatory school.

These two young ladies have thoroughly explained their case and bring attention to a troubling trend going on at many of our nation’s educational institutions.

In the wake of a series of racially-motivated incidents of police brutality against black youths (Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, etc.), Noel and Webster-Cazeau have revealed that racial tensions are indeed happening at their school as well.

The two young ladies have claimed that a barrage of racial slurs have been leveled against black and Latino students at Boston Latin. According to Noel and Webster-Cazeau, these racist occurrances of hate and injustice have gone completely unpunished by school administrators. They also claim that there is a high level of apathy over these issues among their fellow white students at Boston Latin.

“It made students of color feel really uncomfortable that students who they sit next to in class, who they see in the hallway, whose locker is (near) said these things and thought these things,” said Webster-Cazeau in an interview with

Noel and Webster-Cazeau are now making impassioned pleas to other minority and female students to share their experiences of injustice on social media by using the hashtag #BlackAtBLS. Both of these young ladies are actively involved in student government activities at their school.

“Whatever happens, we are definitely going to be holding the administration accountable and we’ll be holding Boston Public Schools accountable,” said Noel in her exclusive interview with The Grio.“We’re going to make sure these things don’t happen in the future,”  she continued.

According to a very recent article in The Boston Globe, black enrollment at Boston Latin has fallen sharply over the last 20 years. In the mid-1990s, almost a quarter of all students at the school were black. Today, blacks make up only nine percent of the student population and Hispanics make up a paltry 12 percent.

To watch Noel and Webster Cazeau’s viral YouTube video, please click here.

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