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Kindergarten Racism: Research Says 5 Year Old Black Boys Make Whites Feel Threatened

According to a newly published study by the University of Iowa, the stigma of being a feared black male starts at a very young age.

We’re talking about kindergarten black boys, not grown black men. What’s disturbing about the data in this research is that the same amount of scrutiny is not placed on little white boys who are in the same age category. The demonization of the black male in America makes it very difficult for positive, less threatening images of them to be created.

With the reckless and unjustified police killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in the U.S. state of  Ohio, one could quickly surmise that black males are unfairly profiled as violent, hostile, and threatening even when they are still young boys. When they do innocent things that young males do, such as play with toy guns, they can be instantly slaughtered legally by anyone with a gun and a badge.

Tom Jacobs, a journalist writing for the Pacific Standard magazine had his rendition of this recent study published and he simply told it like it was.

“If the current election cycle hasn’t convinced you that racism has yet to be eradicated, consider this: The mere image of a black man is enough to stimulate an automatic threat response in whites. Research has found faces of African-American males are more likely to be perceived as angry and can trigger neutral activity associated with rapid detection of danger,” Jacobs wrote.

The study on this alarming issue by the University of Iowa was conducted to find out reasons why this unfair travesty keeps happening. The research team here was led by Andrew Todd. Todd’s group found the perceived stigma to be true as they sought to find out why black boys in America are demonized as monsters so soon in their life. They agreed to the following:

In fact, the faces—all of the five-year-old boys with neutral facial expressions—were a key component of the experiment. Six of them featured black children, and six white. Researchers wanted to know whether the race of the child would affect the speed and accuracy of the white participants’ responses.

Participants identified guns more quickly after black-child primes than after white-child primes, whereas they identified toys more quickly after the white child primes than after black-child primes.

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11 thoughts on “Kindergarten Racism: Research Says 5 Year Old Black Boys Make Whites Feel Threatened

  1. Larry L. Edwards

    The only answer is the independence of a separate homeland such as the Republic of New Africa. That is what is good and best for Black Americans. Where is your confidence? Follow me on Twitter @Larry2nuts.
    What is the problem that Blacks keep doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting to get a different result? Understand, this is the WHITE MAN’s country- please don’t forget that; and he just does not understand fractions at all. He want the whole thing and with Black people only in a subservient position.
    You must abandon his culture and embrace your own- it’s a much richer culture. We can easily live without him but he can’t make it on his own. He needs an underclass that will serve him.

    • Peter Blaise

      Yeah, that seems to be working out fine for blacks in Africa, where there is no violence, no killing, no genocide … oh, wait …

      • Carol

        Why do you care where black Americans choose to live? What difference does it make to you? There’s violence in the U.S and there’s killing in the U.S. What isn’t there, now that all the whites are gone, is racism and discrimination.

    • BlueCornMoon

      That’s right…. GIVE UP & LET THE BAD GUYS WIN !!! Suppose Dr King, Jesse Owens, Charles Drew, Marian Anderson, Lena Horne. MAYA ANGELOU, OPRAH WINFREY, DENZEL WASHINGTON, RAY CHARLES, STEVIE WONDER, BB KING, George W. Carver, thousands of other accomplished blacks and…drum roll….BARACK OBAMA had followed your advice !

      • Carol

        @ BlueCornMoon, why do you assume these people would not have succeeded or become who they are outside of the U.S?

  2. Joseph Boy

    I have worked hard to ensure my white son is around all cultures of people. But one day in a public playground my son was attacked by two African American boys. They each took a hold of one arm and tried to pull him apart. He was crying and begged them to stop. I was far, and starting yelling as I ran up to them. I removed my son from the situation and the parents were mad at me for touching their son. (which I never did) I only touched mine son and pulled his arm to release their grasp. The next time he was the playground and a little African American child when to play with my son, he freaked out and starting to wildly punch in the air as to try to protect himself.
    We have since started him in Karate so he knows when he is allowed to use violence, (to defend himself only) and We have surrounded him with some older African American children from my charity to reinforce that not all kids will try to hurt him. But his fear was created by two boys that did what they did for whatever reason. I can’t control the actions of others and just lead by example. The best way to stop these types of issues is to ensure you are not a part of it.

    • Dee

      Interesting, I am a woman and when I was small my parent bought a home in a nearby suburb, mostly because the area was clost to my mothers job. Ironically this was in a predominately white suburb. I was 6 years old at the time. My neighbors were white aht their son and his best friend we both twelve, a few days after we moved in they caught me alone and attacked me, probably because of the horrible things they heard their parents say abiut my family. They bloodied my nose and took turns punching and kicking a 6 year old little girl……………….. “for whatever reason”. Strange thing I never like those boys after I learned to protect myself, but I didn’t fear all white people because of their actions I wonder where your child learned his fear of “all black boys” because of this incident. I find it really telling that you assume that these small boys simply “attacked” your child without provocation even though you were not near them at the beginning of the altercation. Most of all I simply LOVE how you seek to justify this supposed fear experienced by a collective of people who have enslaved, brutalized, and slaughtered (and continue to do so) black and brown people not only here in the stolen lands of America but across the entire world. I guess you didn’t think anyone would catch that did ya.

  3. Andrea

    Keep the same circumstances and change the color of the boys to white. How would he have reacted when approached again by two little white boys?


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