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Georgetown University To Address Racial Injustice, Hire More Black Faculty

By Victor Trammell

Georgetown University in Washington D.C. recently made a honorable committment toward standing up against institutionalized racism and discrimination.

According to The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, Georgetown’s president, Mr. John J. DiGioia just revealed a strategic plan to address issues of racism and discrimination that are affecting the student body at the university. This plan includes hiring more black and minority faculity members.

In fall of 2015 when the current academic year began, black students on Georgetown’s campus organized protests where they staged sit ins outside the president’s office to bring attention to a number of issues, such as addressing Georgetown’s historical ties to slavery.

To positively address the concerns of Georgetown’s black students, President DiGioia released a video in which he shared how his univeristy will improve race relations. Another one of the things he said Georgetown was working on was the creation of a major in African-American studies within the school’s ciriculum.

He also stated that Georgetown plans to develop a state-of-the-art research center, which will be “focused on racial injustice and the persistent and enduring legacy of racism and segregation in the American experience.” President DiGioia also said he supports hiring a new senior executive to oversee the research center and other elements of Georgetown’s new initiative.

“I hope to encourage all of us to pick up the pace – to commit to a more energized effort to address what has been the besetting conflict – evil – of our American society – racial injustice,” DeGioia said in his video address to the university’s students, faculty, and staff members.

“For a place like Georgetown, it is of special importance for us to recognize this history – to recognize its implications for our nation and our responsibilities to one another,” DiGioia continued.

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