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Homeschool Mom Tells the Truth About Homeschooling

By: Krystle Crossman

Laura Hanby Hudgens had never had a plan in mind to stop working and become a homeschool mother. She was planned on quitting her job as a high school teacher just until her child was old enough to go to school himself and then she would begin working again. This is not the way that things ended up however. One night over dinner her friends were discussing their plan to homeschool their child for kindergarten. Laura thought it was a crazy idea but her husband apparently had different plans that he hadn’t spoken to her about yet. He chimed in saying that they were going to be homeschooling as well.

When her son was old enough to move into kindergarten they made the decision that they were going to give homeschooling a try. She wasn’t sure about how everything was going to work out but was surprised to learn that it was one of the best decisions that they had ever made. Here is how she made the most out of homeschooling and made it work for her family:

– Every morning they snuggle on the couch together. She isn’t worried about making lunches, getting him dressed, running around trying to find missing shoes and homework. The day begins with a very relaxing period of time instead of a stressful one.

– Instead of studying things that the kids had no interest in, she asked them what they wanted to study and tried to give lessons on those topics. She stated that one year her kids were obsessed with all things ocean and so they threw themselves into that topic. She said that they read all of the books that they could about ocean animals and the environment. They took field trips to places like the aquarium and the beach. The kids learned a lot about the ocean and everything that goes with it without ever opening a textbook.

– Laura’s family belonged to different groups where there were plenty of children for their kids to play with. Her two children were also best friends. She said that they were never had a time where they didn’t have friends.

– Afternoons were spent outdoors when the weather was nice and indoors reading when it wasn’t. Laura states that her children were learning far more valuable lessons by playing and using their imaginations than learning about social studies topics that they will most likely forget anyway. They were able to learn how to entertain themselves and use their imagination and creativity to play.

– Some days school was skipped. There was too much to do around the house or both Laura and the kids needed a break. They would do chores instead which helps the kids learn important life skills and responsibility.

Once her children were older and had to begin taking standardized testing that all children had to take they made it through with flying colors. They tested at or above grade level. Now that both of them are in the public school system she has seen that they are still at or above even though they were home-schooled for the first part of their lives.

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