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Education Expert Explains Why Black Kids Should Be Homeschooled

By Victor Trammell

There are many high-profile advocates for homeschooling black children, including non-black people who have demonstrated activism against societal institutions that function with systemic racism.

One of those advocates is named Antonio Buehler (pictured). Buehler 38, is the founder and CEO of Buehler Education, a homeschool organization that also helps parents supplement the often inadequate education their children are getting in traditional public schools.

In addition to overseeing Buehler Education, Antonio Buehler is also active demonstrating his advocacy for better police accountability. In July 2012, he won the Texans for Accountable Government annual Activist of the Year Award for his selfless participation in activities standing up for victims of police brutality and other severe societal ills.

Buehler is also an avid writer with a large amount of published work showcasing his areas of expertise. One of his most profound articles was as a guest contributor on a blog called In Buehler’s article, he makes a strong case on why black children in particular should be homeschooled.

“Homeschooling is by far the best alternative for most black children,” Buehler wrote. “There are problems in public school for all children, but the institutional racism of traditional schools means that black children have the most to gain from homeschooling,” he continued.

Currently, around 15% of homeschooled children across the U.S. are black. However, many expert observers, such as Buehler agree that this number will be rising as time goes on. How our nation’s state political systems often exploit education funding and marginalize urban school districts that are predominantly black.

Realities like this also make a strong case for a black exodus from the traditional school setting, according to the Buehler.

“The black community is worse off than most other racial groups in America in a variety of sobering ways – from HIV rates to incarceration rates to poverty rates,” Buehler also wrote. “This situation is driven directly and indirectly by flawed or deliberately destructive government policies that disproportionately harm Black America,” he continued.

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