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Disaster: Detroit Schools Have Run Out of Money, Can’t Pay Teachers Anymore

By Victor Trammell

Detroit’s public school system has made national headlines over the last several months for the peril surrounding a series of disturbing issues.

We’ve been covering these issues regularly so far this year at However, a recent disaster about the financial trouble facing Detroit Public Schools has just made national news headlines once again.

According to The Washington PostSteve Rhodes, the newly appointed state emergency manager of Michigan said that Detroit’s public school system will not make its payroll obligations after April 8th unless swift action is taken by Michigan’s state legislature.

Rhodes made his statement on March 9th speaking before the House Appropriation Committee. He was placed in charge of Detroit Public Schools by default due to mounting problems at the state’s U.S. public school district.

“We can’t print money,” Rhodes said in his speech according to The Detroit Free Press. “The April 8th date concerns me because there is no Plan B. To go dark after April 8th is not an acceptable solution,” he continued.

Rhodes went on to say that simply taking out another loan is not a solution because the school district cannot divert money meant for classrooms toward interest payments. Detroit’s public school system has been under the state’s control since 2009.

The financial problems of the school system in this major U.S. city have been making negative headlines for years due to things like the unfit conditions of dilapidated school buildings and terrible academic proficiency standards, which have been shown by poor test scores for students all across the board year after year.

If Detroit’s public school system runs out of cash on April 8th, children will not have schools to attend and families living in poverty or near poverty will not be able to rely on free school lunches they desperately need to feed their children.

At a recent Democratic presidential debate televised by CNN in Flint, Michigan, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton offered sound bites on how they felt about the nation’s various public school failures. However, neither candidate explained specifically how they would strategically deal with Detroit’s particular situation if they were elected.

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