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Meet Harold: At 10, He Is Taking College Courses, Scored 21 on ACT

By Victor Trammell

Here at, we love to report positive stories that deal with the major academic successes of our black youth.

Very recently, Black Enterprise Magazine published an article on its website about a 10-year-old child genius named Harold Gregory Branch IV (pictured). By the time Branch was 9, he took the ACT college entry exam and scored a 21. He goes by the nickname, Quatro.

Quatro also is in the top 10% in math for his age and in the 99th percentile as far as his giftedness is rated. Currently, Quatro attends a private gifted school on a college campus. His first reading assignment at the school was The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

When children succeed at these kinds of levels, it is a testament to a great job of parenting being done. Harold and Rayco Branch have worked strategically as a team to support the academic success of their son.

Even though the couple is now divorced, they dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to co-parent together for the betterment of their son. They only live 15 minutes away from each other and they have a genuine partnership when it comes to the education and success of their child.

“The two people our kids love most in the world are their parents,” said Harold in his interview with Black Enterprise. “If we acted like we hate each other—they’re done. They’d never be able to get that fog out of their mind,” he continued.

Instead of saving for college, the Branches decided to invest in advanced early childhood education for their son. The couple also has a gifted daughter as well. At the age of five, Quatro was placed in the Abacus Program and began taking piano lessons.

Quatro’s mother Rayco is an award-winning educator as well. “She always had the kids doing worksheets that had them two years ahead,” Harold told Black Enterprise. Harold also said that along with his ex-wife, he has collectively instilled a strong sense of racial identity in their children.

To read Quatro’s amazing story, which was originally reported in its entirety by Black Enterprise, click here.

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