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Award Winning Teacher Resigns After Telling Student She’s Only Good For $ex

By Victor Trammell

On Monday (March 14th), a teacher at a high school in Georgia officially confirmed his resignation after making some disparaging comments to a female student earlier this month.

Cory Hunter (pictured above) was formerly a teacher at Greene County High School in Greensboro, Georgia. Earlier this month, Hunter embarrassed a black female 11th-grade student of his in front of the class by calling her “dumb” and saying that she’d never be good for anything in life other than “making babies and having $ex.”

According to The Grio, the student Shaniaya Hunter (no relation to Cory Hunter) has an eye condition that has caused her to be absent from school to get treatment. She claims that her former teacher has a history of exhibiting cruelty towards her.

However, an event that occurred earlier this month, which prompted Mr. Hunter’s resignation was recorded by Shaniaya on a school-issued iPad as he berated her again.

“I have been around 37 years, and clearly, you are the dumbest girl I have ever met…You know what your purpose is going to be? To have sex and have children because you ain’t never gonna be smart,” he said in the four-minute audio clip.

The audio clip and story about this incident went viral and brought a ton of negative national attention to Greene County High School. Chris Houston, the superintendent of the Greene County public school district recently told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Mr. Hunter apologized for his foolish remarks and formally resigned at a school board meeting earlier this week.

Cory Hunter won the Greene County school district’s “Teacher of the Year” award and began working as a teacher at Greene County High School in 2011. This latest public fall from grace has probably taught Hunter a sobering lesson on showing respect in an educational environment.

Foul incidents of indecency and disrespect by teachers in public schools is exactly one of the main reasons why so many parents are transitioning their children from traditional education settings to homeschooling children on their own.

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