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Meet David Hill: At 13 He Got an “A” in College Maths, Now at 17 Is a Junior at Howard University

By Staff Blogger

Even at just 13 years of age, David Hill II, had shown promises of genius when he became the first African American (and one of the youngest overall) in the State of New York to earn an “A” in college mathematics while on his summer break.

At 16 he’d already graduated from high school – at the top of his graduating class, no less – while at the same time having completed 53 college credits. He had shown an inclination towards computational science and engineering and led the software programming team with FIRST Robotics Challenge in New York.

His exemplary achievements have gone on to be noticed far and wide – right up to the ears of the family that established the Nobel Prize awards.

A senior member of the family, Claes Nobel, said, “I am proud to announce that David Hill has been selected to become a member of our esteemed organization as a National Scholar. I am also honored to recognize the hard work, sacrifice and commitment that David has demonstrated to achieve this exceptional level of excellence.”

Hill has been inducted into the National Honor Society as well as the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

While most students would probably kick back and lay off books during their school breaks, Hill uses the time to learn and grow more. He has, for example, spent previous summers at Northwestern University studying about leadership; at Cornell University learning about engineering and at Dartmouth College learning about mathematics.

Right out of high school, he accepted a software engineering internship for the summer at tech giant Corning Incorporated where he made vital contributions to the software and modeling simulation group.

Although, Hill has been accepted at the Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Virginia and New York University last fall, he has set his mind on joining the Howard University engineering program because they have multidisciplinary practical learning opportunities and merit scholarship.

Hill said, “I am currently a rising college junior at 17 years old conducting cyber-security research on global satellite systems with Dr. Gerard Bloom and find it very interesting. Shadowing with Cisco Systems during my spring break will allow me to develop market driven skills and obtain a practical perspective of market dynamics in the technology industry.”


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