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New Study Says Teaching Black Kids Racial Pride Helps Them Excel in School

By Victor Trammell

It’s no longer some kind of racist or black supremacist theory, as some mainstream education experts in both of the common American ideologues would suggest.

There is definitive proof that regularly teaching black children about the ripe  history of their people instills pride and raises their level of academic achievement. A brand new study conducted by two sociologists has reaffirmed this fact.

According to, The Journal of Child Development recently published this study, which was orchestrated by Ming-Te Wang and James P. Huguley. Wang is a sociologist at the University of Pittsburg and Huguley is a sociologist from Harvard University.

The published report by Wang and Huguley states that performing what they called “racial socialization” on black children tremendously curtails the position of inferiority experienced by black children due to years of racial discrimination and the current marginalization of their communities due to institutionalized racism.

Wang provides an elaborate explanation on what the study uncovered. He wrote:

“Our findings challenge the notion that ‘race blindness’ is a universally ideal parenting approach, especially since previous research has shown that racially conscious parenting strategies at either extreme—either ‘race blindness’ or promoting mistrust of other races—are associated with negative outcomes for African American youth.”(The Journal of Child Development, 2016)

The study by Wang and Huguley surveyed 630 black adolescent youths from middle-class backgrounds. The surveys asked them about how the realities of discrimination and institutionalized racism have affected them academically.

The survey also posed questions concerning what the youths felt was the key to shedding the adverse feelings they had about facing these realities. All of the adolescents expressed that learning about their race’s ripe history and culture offsets the inferiority complexes often instilled in children right inside the schools, which fail to teach them these things.

“Our study provides empirical evidence that the longstanding practice in the African American community of cultivating racial pride and preparing children to face racial bias in society should be considered among appropriate and beneficial practices in parenting Black children,” Wang also wrote in the report.

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