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CA Parents may Soon Get Paid Time Off To Attend School Activities

By Victor Trammell

When it comes to being involved in their children’s education, parents of public school children often have challenges making it to educational events or activities that are held at their children’s school.

According to News One, a California state legislator is a big sponsor of a proposed bill in that state, which would allow parents to have three paid days of leave each year to attend school functions for their children. This bill revises an existing law called the Family-School and Partnerships Act (FSPA).

Currently, FSPA requires employers to give parents five days each year of paid leave to attend their children’s school activities. However, lobbyists for employers have put pressure on the state of California to limit the number to three days each year in that state.

State Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) is the state legislator who is voicing a lot of support for the new bill. In a statement expressing his support, he quoted the following:

“Being involved in your child’s education shouldn’t be limited by your family’s income, and it shouldn’t come down to a choice between meeting with a teacher or volunteering in the classroom, versus paying the bills. You shouldn’t have to be a cast member of the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ to be involved in your child’s education.” (

CNN Money also reported that under these proposed guidelines, small businesses with 25 employees or less would not be subject to abiding by this law if it gets passed. A spokesman for the California State Legislature told CNN that the bill will be presented to a full committee hearing before the Assembly for a vote before it can pass.

At that point, a final confirmation will rest on the shoulders of the State Senate, which would have the final say of approval before the bill would be signed into law.

This bill is highly supported by working California parents who want to have the ability to be more involved with the activities surrounding their children in the school environment.

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