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Handcuffing 6 Year Olds Means Schools Need Drastic Change in Discipline Procedures

By Victor Trammell

There is much to be said about the pre-school-to-prison pipeline complex going on in the U.S. school system today.

Horror stories about draconian disciplinary practices being carried out against children by school resource officers and teachers are developing in U.S. school districts left and right.

Youths as old as 17 and as young six have been beaten, verbally humiliated, and forcefully bound as part of what looks like standard disciplinary procedure.

According to The Grio and NBC’s local Channel 5 in Chicago, a six-year-old black girl named Madisyn Moore was handcuffed underneath a stairway after she was accused of stealing candy from a bowl on her teacher’s desk. A school security guard at Chicago’s Fernwood Elementary school allegedly carried out the act.

Marlena Wordlaw, the girl’s mother was outraged and gave an emotional interview with the media following the very recent act of unwarranted aggression against her daughter. “I understand these teenage boys and whatever the case may be, yeah you can try to teach them a lesson but this is a little girl,” Wordlaw told NBC Channel 5.

This is not the only incident we’ve seen involving the prison-like brutalization of black children in America’s public schools. Who could forget how a South Carolina deputy viciously body slammed a black teenaged girl at Spring Valley High School in Richland County, South Carolina.

In the video of this fall 2015 incident, former Richland County Sheriff’s deputy Ben Fields (who is white) slams the black girl to the ground MMA-style after she was accused of something as simple as looking at a message on her cell phone during class.

In both of the incidents described in this article, neither on of the girls was accused of committing violence against a teacher or another student. Both of the girls also did not engage in any unprovoked act of aggression against the school resource officer that overly disciplined them through force.

When six-year-old girls are getting handcuffed in elementary schools, there are no longer any grounds to oppose or deny the reality that the pre-school to prison pipeline of America’s heavy-handed criminal justice industrial complex is getting out of hand.

There needs to be a revolutionary change in how children are disciplined in schools. One day, something very drastic is going to happen that will make this nation’s sick obsession with dishing out punishment look really bad.

Knee-jerk reactions to every little behavioral infraction committed by children in schools are not acceptable. The sane reasons why they are unacceptable would stretch a mile long if they were put on paper.

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