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Home-schoolers Tend To Be Religious But Black Home-schoolers Are Increasing For This Non-Religious Reason

By: Krystle Crossman

Home-schooling is becoming more and more prevalent in the African-American community. It is hard to gauge exactly what the numbers are when it comes to how many children are home-schooled, but it is estimated that 5-10% are black. The decision to home-school is one that parents do not take lightly. A lot of thought and planning goes into bringing a child home to learn. Studies have found that parents home-school for many different reasons and that different races have different reasons. Parents of white students most often home-school because of their religion. For African-American families however, the number one reason that is given is racism.

Black students face an intolerable amount of racism in schools and it can be very detrimental to their education. They become withdrawn, depressed, and often times stop going to school. There is quite a bit of indirect racism in the schools when it comes to the teachers. Even if they are not direct with their feelings, many white teachers view their black students differently in a way that can hurt their education. They feel that the black students cannot keep up with the studies or that they need things to be simpler because of stereotypes of underachievement. This causes the students to be left behind in their studies because they are not given the same work as the other students in the class.

Camille Kirksey decided that she was going to home-school her son when she saw how he and the other minority students were being treated in his pre-K class. The teachers would bark orders at them, especially the boys, and were very harsh when speaking with them. After some thought and after seeing an article on an African-American family that home-schooled their children she decided that she was going to make the leap with her son Brandon. She spoke with her husband about it and once they reached an agreement she quit her job of 10 years. She enjoys her time with her son and says that her family has been able to bond more now that she is home with Brandon. She also loves teaching him about subjects such as Black History which is not often taught in its entirety in public schools. Kirksey is just one of the many black parents who are making the decision to teach their children at home and finding it to be the best decision for their family.

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