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School Threatens Parents Who Walk Kids to School With Arrest

By: Krystle Crossman

There are many ways that parents pick their children up from school. Some drive up and wait for their child to come over to the car. Some students take the bus home. Many parents that live close to the school will walk to the campus and pick their child up. Unfortunately for parents of the students at Bear Branch Elementary School in Magnolia, Texas, they are not able to walk up and pick their children up, no matter how close they live to the school. A new policy was put in place at the beginning of the year that stated that all students must leave the campus in a car or on a bus. Should a parent walk onto campus to pick their child up they could be facing criminal charges.

Student enrollment at Bear Branch has been dwindling since the beginning of the year when the policy was put into place. Parents are infuriated that they cannot walk to pick up their child if they live close by. They instead have to sit in extremely long pick up lines that can take up to an hour to get through. Principal Holly Ray is under fire for putting this new policy into place and enforcing it with what some parents are calling bully tactics. She has threatened to arrest parents who try to walk their children home from school. She has even taken Montgomery County Constables and put them into positions around the campus so that parents cannot walk near the grounds without being threatened.

Parent Wendy Jarman decided that enough was enough. She pulled her children from Bear Branch and enrolled them into a private school. Parent Frank Young was threatened with an arrest when he tried to pick his children up. He also pulled his children out of the school and started a petition against the policy. He stated that there was no discussion on the matter with the parents and the principal wouldn’t even listen to suggestions about a different policy. Unfortunately the hundreds of signatures on the petitions did nothing to sway the minds of the school district, who backed Principal Ray up fully. Young states that it is not right that the school district should decide what is safer for their children by putting in a policy that uses threats. Most of the parents feel that the old methods of pick up were safe and that Ray is overstepping.

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