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Chicago Twins Accepted Into 50-Plus Colleges With $1.6 Million In Scholarships

By Victor Trammell

A pair of fraternal twins from Chicago has definitely proven that hard work at academics pays off. They’ve also proven that college in America can be attended absolutely free of charge.

Deprice (pictured right) and Shaprice Hunt (pictured left) are a pair of high school students in a Chicago-area public school. A Facebook user named Kemitashi Austin helped the Hunt twins go viral by sharing their amazing feat on social media April 19th. “Please share share and share!!!” Austin wrote in her Facebook posting.

“About 60 colleges accepted these babies,” Austin’s post also read. A screenshot of Austin’s post was shared many times and this story about two dedicated black youths was brought to households across America. According to The Huffington Post, 56 schools accepted the Hunt twins for enrollment.

Also, a total of $1.6 million was offered in scholarships to the Hunt twins (both 17). Shaprice Hunt, the female twin is a basketball player at her local high school. She has been accepted into 35 colleges. Five of them have scouted her as an athlete and have offered her a full-ride scholarship to be a student participant in their college basketball programs.

Shaprice is stuck between choosing to attend either Illinois State University or Eastern Illinois University. She wants to be a dual major in Education and Psychology. Deprice, the male twin in the pair has a different background and set of options.

He is a community activist for the youth in his community and aspires to be a big help to his mother in the future. ““My motivation was to make sure [my mom] didn’t have to come out of pocket,” Deprice said in his exclusive interview with the Huffington Post.

Deprice was accepted into 27 schools. Two of those schools have offered full-ride scholarships for academics. The twins have done very well and had perfect attendance all the way through high school. Deprice says that Morehouse College is his dream school to attend.

The Hunt twins give their family, teachers, and school counselors all the credit for their dedicated path toward academic achievement.

“Never give up,” Shaprice said in her interview with the Huffington Post. “Picture your future. Not only to make yourself proud but make your family proud,” she continued.

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