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Study Shows What Happens When Kids Are Raised By Gay Parents

By: Krystle Crossman

There has always been a lot of controversy when it comes to the question of whether children raised in a same-s*x household end up worse off than children who are raised by heteros*xual couples. According to the Journal of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics, no, they are not worse off. They grow up to be just as happy and healthy as children who are raised in a more traditional parenting setting. The study claims that this is true as long as there has been no divorce and the parents have raised the child since birth.

It is worth noting that this conclusion was drawn after only 95 same-s*x female couples and 95 straight couples were compared in the study. They look at the overall health and wellbeing of the children. They studied their behavioral patterns and whether there were any issues in that area.

The children in the study were all between the ages of 6 and 17 and were raised in homes where their parents had been there the entire time and there were no major issues such as divorce. The study found the children in both groups to be equal in every area that they observed. The only difference that the researchers noted between the two different households was that the same-s*x couple’s home was more stressful than the straight couples. More research needs to be done to determine why this is and what exactly is causing it. The researchers have a theory that it is because parents in same-s*x relationships often have to prove to everyone that they are just as good at parenting as their heterosexual conterparts.

There are many states that now allow same-s*x adoption however there are many who are still prohibit it. Mississippi just recently revoked a ban that stated that couples with two males and two females could not adopt a baby. More studies will be conducted to show results on a larger scale.

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4 thoughts on “Study Shows What Happens When Kids Are Raised By Gay Parents

  1. Dr_H

    Amerikkka is nothing more than a modern Sodom & Gomorrah whose destruction isn’t sleeping no matter what you hypocrites say !!!!!!!!!

  2. Kati

    lol Gotta love how the source article has to lie first to put in its own little condescending jab towards the state(s) mentioned (as if those people living there are idiots who don’t know the truth), only to come clean and admit that both “families” AREN’T “equal in all aspects” if same sex couplings result in children who are more stressed out – which of course, can lead to all variety of mental and physical health problems.

    They don’t mind linking stress to “you’re at risk of dying earlier than everyone else” conclusions for Black people/families, but when it comes to White families, as the article begins its picture with and whom, of course, make up the majority of same sex unions, the claim is “oh, no, you’re just like everyone else! The added stress won’t be putting your kids at risk for high blood pressure or anything else for that matter if we have anything to do with it, cuz we have an agenda to push.”

    Then they have the nerve to blame the stress on everyone else instead of presenting in-article statistics for:

    1. how many homosexual couples have actually gotten married (which isn’t very much; certainly wasn’t in Canada either, which resulted in complaints from the homosexual community because of the time wasted getting it legalized when they felt there were more important LGBT issues to worry about),

    2. how many LGBT relatonships stay married, or together at all, compared to straight couples, for 18+ years, on a country and/or global scale (as well as the fact that BECAUSE there were so few male/male relationships available after the added requirement that they have stayed together so long, only f/f couplings could be used for the study, which skews the data since the article’s arguing for ALL LGBT couples vs straight couples, despite the study not being for all of them),

    3. the added stress and confusion that comes with having LGBT parents, since the result is that it makes children open to self-reflection questions there’s a possibility they’d not have asked were they not exposed to LGBT so early,

    4. the children’s feelings wrt the absence of their missing parent (especially when said parent’s the same gender/sex as the child is),

    5. the added stress coming from the yearning to know who their parents are, since they aren’t stupid and after one biology class, will know they didn’t come from their same sex parents’ coupling,

    or 6. the number of adult children who have come out and said that although they love their parents, the same sex nature of their parents’ relationship did them more disservice than good and left them feeling, throughout childhood, as if they were missing a huge part of their lives in their missing opposite sex parent and other issues.

    Hence the additional stress that is not added by “society” but the simple biology of children knowing that half or more of their DNA is missing, and becoming aware of that fact far faster in LGBT situations than they would while living with a straight couple they automatically know are capable of producing children.

    lol that was such a fail of an article for Women’s Health. No wonder the comment section on there doesn’t work.

  3. Randa

    Sodom and Gomorrah…that is all that we are… it is more stressful because it is not supposed to be and we all know that…


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