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White Students Says He Will Lynch N*ggers At Elite School

By: Krystle Crossman

Even though it was only 10 seconds long, a video of a student at Bullis Prep School in Potomac, MD is causing a scene with the students and parents. The head of the school said that he was dismayed at the racist remarks that were portrayed by the student in the video. Parents are saying that the school should be cancelling classes and bringing all of the students and the community together to talk about tolerance and racism. Others are telling black students to go to a different school where they will be accepted no matter what the color of their skin is.

The senior from Bullis who has remained unnamed because he has not been charged with a crime, was shown in a video online where he constantly used the N-word and was talking about lynching black people. It has struck fear in some of the students that attend the school with him. Other students are standing behind him and supporting him, not for what he said in the video, but for the person they know him as at school. Quite a few of the students state that he is a good kid and is not one to hate others because of the color of their skin. Many who have seen the video would disagree with this statement.

The student has not been charged with a crime but he has certainly gained negative attention. He has a sports scholarship for the college he plans on attending in the fall and this could put him in jeopardy of losing the scholarship. In a statement from the senior he states that he would never say anything intentionally to hurt anyone else. He says that he is Jewish and knows the struggles of others who have come from a long line of ancestors who have been ridiculed and murdered. He apologizes for any harm that he may have caused. Students at the school were divided on what they thought about how he should be punished for his actions. The staff stated that there is a zero-tolerance policy at the school and even if this was the first and only time, the student needed to feel the consequences of his actions.

The family has not responded to media outlets with the exception of his father telling the news that his son was just speaking in the tone of the movie Django Unchained. He claims that his son had no idea that he was being recorded.

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