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Low Income Kids from Chicago Have Chance To Go to China

By Victor Trammell

Back in 2013, The Chicago Urban League (CUL) launched an elaborate travel initiative for low-income public school students called Project Ready.

The grant that has been annually funding Project Ready since then gives a sizable amount of black children in the Chicago Public school district the opportunity to explore the world and expand their academic understanding through traveling from different places outside their neighborhood to areas located across the nation and around the world.

The trips taken by these lucky students every year are made during the summer months. The Chicago Urban League works with a number of charitable organizations, churches, and independent donors to provide a variety of opportunities for the youths who participate in various CUL activities.

According to a recently published online article from, the CUL offers a whole host of other great incentives for children who participate in Project Ready. “This is an amazing experience for these students,” reads the recently published Urban Intellectuals article.

“The scholarships and programs have been awarded to students for years, but African-American and Latino children are rarely awarded the opportunity to take advantage of such a life-changing experience,” the article also reads.

Programs like these are very good for neighborhoods in the Chicago metro area. Most of the minority children who participate in Project Ready come from school districts where the overall graduation rate is well below 70 percent. Less than half of those who do graduate in these areas are not expected to attend college after their high school graduation.

According to, in June of 2015, Project Ready participants got the opportunity to travel to The People’s Republic of China. The trip was so awesome that Project Ready program coordinators have already planned another Chinese trip for student participants this summer.

In 2017, the CUL plans to travel to a new country located abroad. This should provide a wonderful opportunity for future Project Ready participants.

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