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Black Chicago Principal Forced Out By White Mayor

By Victor Trammell

Troy LaRaviere (pictured) is the former principal of Lakeview Elementary, a primary school located in the Chicago area public school district.

According to The Chicago Tribune, LaRaviere was ousted earlier this month as Lakeview’s principal due to what was officially labeled as the embattled principal’s practices of “progressive  discipline.”  However, numerous LaRaviere community supporters are not buying the Chicago public school board’s explanation of his termination.

Many prominent critics of the school board’s decision to fire LaRaviere  blame Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel (who is white) for pressuring the board of Chicago Public Schools to get rid of LaRaviere. There is a ton of institutionalized racism going on in the leadership circles of Chicago’s executive branch of government and its local school district.

“I do not get involved in a personal decision,” Emanuel said in a recent public statement. ” “I can understand if I’m getting blamed, but I’m just being clear, I’m adhering to the Shakman decree,” he continued. The Shakman decree is a controversial federal court order, which authorizes how government employment is politically carried out.

“Why would Chicago Public Schools dismiss a principal who’s one of the highest achievers, according to their own evaluation system?” said Catherine Francis, a parent who attended an April 25th community rally held to support LaRaviere. “The only answer I can come up with is retaliation, retaliation for outspokenness about bad policies and financial mismanagement and corruption and graft,” she continued.

According to The Chicago Tribune, LaRaviere has refused to publicly comment on the decision to remove him from his position as Lakeview Elementary’s principal. He has chosen not to speak with the media after being advised not to do so until he retains legal counsel.

This situation is ongoing and sheds light on the ravaged Chicago public school district, which has been dealing with a ton of adversities, including financial ruin and rampant discrimination in its hiring process and staffing policies. There has been little done to solve the city’s growing problems with its school district.

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