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Yale Insists on Keeping Name of Racist Slaver, Abuser in Residential College

By Victor Trammell

America’s hideous legacy of slavery and its ancient dehumanization of the black race has left a permanent scar on the superficial image of piety and greatness historical purists try to paint for today’s society.

One of this year’s most heated debates happened over current promotions of the symbols from this nation’s ugly history, such as the Confederate Flag. One side of the debate felt like South Carolina’s state house building should have taken the flag down because of its display of a former southern union that was in favor of slavery.

The other side of the debate felt like the flag should have stayed put because all of this nation’s historic symbols (the good bad, and ugly) should remain visible as a memento to educate people about how this country was built. The flag was eventually removed from the South Carolina state house.

Many people (including a vast number of whites) felt that taking down the Confederate Flag was the right call to make. However, there is a new debate raging on today about the name  of a Yale University residential college. Everybody knows that Yale is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the world.

You would think that such a prestigious university would want to clean up its image and adopt a forward-thinking model of integrity when it came to naming its residential buildings and graduate school programs. Unfortunately, that is not what Yale seeks to do, according to Peter Salovey, the school’s president.

The New York Times reported during midweek that Yale’s president said the university is not going to rename its John C. Calhoun residential college (pictured) despite numerous calls from protesters to remove Calhoun’s name from the building. Calhoun was a known white supremacist and 19th-century American politician who strongly supported slavery.

He even had a reputation for brutally abusing black Americans himself. The Black Student Alliance at Yale is one of the organizations pushing for the university to change the name of one its residential colleges. However, the student organizations staunch efforts to make this change happen have not been successful thus far.

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