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Black Teen Boy Charged For “P*rn” After Sexting With White Teen Girl

By Victor Trammell

Black parents with teenaged boys in high school need to warn them right now: Do not get caught sexting racy videos to underage white girls at school because you will be charged with illegally possessing child p*rn. It does not matter if the underage white girl started sexting you first!

Sounds like a crazy out of this world scenario that couldn’t possibly happen, huh? Wrong! It’s totally real. Such an incident occurred very recently this month at Parkway High School in Bossier City, Louisiana.

According to a Thursday (April 28th) article in the New York Daily News, a black teen boy who attends Parkway High is in very serious trouble.

The boy’s name is Levar Allen, 17. Allen (pictured) is a standout Parkway athlete who has been successful participating in three sports for his school’s athletic program.

However, none of the golden boy fanfare could stop him from being slapped with serious charges of possessing child p*rnography after he sent videos of himself naked to a fellow Parkway High School student who is a 16-year-old white girl.

However, the 16-year-old white girl sent a naked video of herself to Allen’s cell phone first. Allen’s biggest mistake was entertaining the nonsense and sending his own naked video back to her in return. But the 16-year-old girl wasn’t charged with anything. Levar, unfortunately, was led away from his school in handcuffs.

Allen’s mother, Chasity Washington is apparently outraged over what has happened to her son. “A little girl sent him a video, she was 16. He sent her a video and he got charged,” Washington told local news source KSLA 12.

“I think because she’s white, the parents got upset that she’s been doing what she’s been doing,” she continued.

Allen is now free after a $15,000 bond was posted for him. He has been formally charged with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and possession of child pornography, which are both felonies. KSLA also reported that Allen’s mother is expected to have to cough up $4,000 in legal expenses for her son’s defense.

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6 thoughts on “Black Teen Boy Charged For “P*rn” After Sexting With White Teen Girl

  1. Wenslaus Isavwa

    it should be a lesson for black boys as well as men,they should learn to appreciate their black sisters .

    • Greg

      What kind of lesson do u mean, white men screw and marry black women all the time, its just you and a few others that think your are so much better than blacks, but know this, I’m telling you now cause no one else will tell u, but when you die you turn black, so you’ll go to your grave a black person!

  2. phillip little

    thats american black justice for you..she gets slapped with a bad girl who didnt know what she was doing and he gets a life sentence of sex offender.which basically killed his life. american justice safe fie white people danger to black people.

  3. Terry Turner

    Those white girls need to stop preying on our back men.
    Those some hot nasty chicks, always crying wolf.

    And know they addicted to the dick.
    My little cousin and nephew went to jail for five years, consenuel sex.

    They both smashed the white trash, now they are young registered pedhohiles.

    She said she was older, she was 14 and they were teenagers like 17 I believe.

    Now the white whore strutting around getting more.

    Y’all better stay in your own Lane, until sluts able to sign their name.

  4. Yinka

    I wonder why black are been treated like a shit in the face of those ass whole White, but I know they are jealous of what we are doin.

  5. Your dumb

    All these comments are so funny and racially charged them most ignorant shit that could come out of peoples mouths and yet I dont know why I am so suprised. What a shame


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