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Entire Class At Mostly Black Chicago Prep School Going to College For 7th Year In A Row

By Victor Trammell

Students at a predominantly black prep school in Chicago experienced another truly remarkable moment, which has become a routine accomplishment for their educational institution.

For the seventh year in a row, the entire graduating class at Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men has gotten accepted into college after completing their high school education. A special ceremony was held for all the students last week at Chicago’s Daley Plaza.

“It’s a great day,” said Rudolph Long, a senior at Urban Prep Charter. “I feel great. We all made it. We all come from good environments so to see us all going to college is nice,” Long continued in his exclusive interview with Chicago’s local CBS outlet Channel 2. Long has selected Hampton University as his college of choice when he graduates.

The totality of Urban Prep Charter’s graduating Class of 2016 will be attending four-year universities in the fall, not two-year community colleges. Urban Prep Charter has a “100 Percent to College” banner and a “Credimus Book” that students sign once they have graduated and committed to a college. This is a yearly tradition at the school.

Tim King, the founder, and CEO of Urban Prep Charter told Channel 2 that members of his school’s graduating class will be enrolling at 220 different colleges and universities in the fall. We’ve got two guys going to my alma mater, Georgetown University, we have our first admit to Yale University this year,” King told Channel 2.

“We have students who’ve been admitted to University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Morehouse College, schools all over the country. It’s a huge level of diversity in terms of the types of schools these young men will be going to in the fall,” King continued.

Also, Urban Prep Charter’s graduating class has been approved for $15 million dollars in grants and scholarships. “We love telling the world where we’re going in life. We share our brotherhood,” senior Tyree George told Channel 2. George will also be attending Hampton University.

“Urban Prep expanded my mind, to look at the bigger picture. I’m going to major in veterinarian medicine,” he continued. Urban Prep Charter has three different locations in the Greater Chicago Metro Area.

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