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Barbie Has a New Best-Selling Doll – Ballet Principal Dancer Misty Copeland

By Victor Trammell

Misty Copeland (pictured) is a gorgeous black American woman who is known for her talent as a Principal Dancer at the American Ballet Theatre.

Not only that, Copeland is the first black American woman to become a Principal Dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, which is one of the most prestigious ballet theatres in the U.S. Copeland’s amazing accomplishments caused the Barbie brand doll-making giant Mattel to take notice of her.

Earlier this month, The Root and various other media sources online, in print, and on television reported that Mattel developed a Barbie doll in Copeland’s image. The Misty Copeland Barbie Doll is part of Mattel’s Sheroes Collection. Copeland told The Root that this new venture with Mattel is something that was beyond her wildest dreams.

“I always dreamed of becoming an ABT ballerina, and through Barbie, I was able to play out those dreams early on,” said Copeland in a press release. “It’s an honor to be able to inspire the next generation of kids with my very own Barbie doll,” she continued.

Not only did Copeland’s Barbie doll get released, it made a big splash in sales. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on May 6th that The Misty Copeland Barbie Doll was completely sold out after going on sale May 2nd. The price of Copeland’s doll more than quadrupled on the resale market, however.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also reported that The Misty Copeland Barbie Doll was selling on eBay for a whopping $199.95. The money was rolling in on at Amazon too. The retail giant was selling Copeland’s doll for $148.95 (plus $14.99 shipping & handling).

Demand is still high for The Misty Copeland Barbie Doll. However, so far, the doll isn’t on sale at any retail location.Target is the only retailer saying that it will presume selling the dolls but there is no way to pre-order them right now.

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