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Meet 15 Year Old Dwight Moore: He Got a Perfect ACT Score

By Victor Trammell

At the young age of 15, a Tennessee high school attendant accomplished a very rare feat. He got a perfect score on the ACT college acceptance exam.

According to Local Memphis News, Dwight Moore (pictured) scored a 36 after taking the ACT, which is the highest score you can make on the exam. Moore is a student at Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, Tennessee. Here’s what makes Moore’s amazing feat so rare.

Only one-in-ten students who take the ACT get a perfect score on the exam. Moore has taken the exam before, but he didn’t score so high. After getting a perfect score this time around, he thought there was some kind of error and was in disbelief at how well he did.

“I was. I sat there in shock for a second. There is no way this is right. It didn’t have the writing score so I thought this was just a placeholder for later so I am not getting my hopes up when the writing score came out too, I actually got a 36,” Moore told Local Memphis News.

Moore said that he studied hard before taking the ACT exam for the second time. He stopped short of saying luck or being exceptionally smart helped him when he took the exam for the second time. Chris Fay, Moore’s principal at Christian Brothers High School released a statement praising the brilliant sophomore.

“Please join me in congratulating sophomore Dwight Moore for his perfect composite score of 36 on the ACT,” Fay said. “Dwight is an incredibly polite and humble young man, who is respected by both his peers and teachers. He is a model student at CBHS,” he continued.

The ACT exam contains testing material that includes English, math, reading, and science. It is graded on a scale of 1 to 36. The student’s composite score is graded as an average of the four tests taken on the exam. There is also a separate writing test for the ACT that some students take.

So far, Moore hasn’t decided where he will attend college. He plans to graduate high school in 2018.

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One thought on “Meet 15 Year Old Dwight Moore: He Got a Perfect ACT Score

  1. Josh Caudill

    The figure is more like “fewer than one in a thousand” score a perfect score. To do so at such a young age portends a bright future for this young man. Praise the Lord. We need bright Christian men and women to help this wayward country get its eyes on the God of Heaven.


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