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The Problem With Black Kids In Magnet Schools

By Victor Trammell

In Duval County, Florida there appears to be a problem with intergration at the magnet schools in the Duval County public school district.

The data is proving that the number of black students is rapidly declining at schools like Stanton College Preparatory Academy located in Duval’s county seat of Jacksonville.

Statisticians working for Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) recently produced data, which showed that over the last five years, the school district had a 10 percent drop in black enrollment at all of its top-rated magnet schools districtwide.

However, when you look individually at the schools instead of at the 10 percent average district-wide, the numbers shoot up much higher.

For an example, Stanton Prep saw a huge 46 percent decline in black enrollment over the last five years. J. Allen Axson and Jacksonville Beach elementary schools both saw a 30 percent decline in black enrollement over the last five years.

Additionally, LaVilla and James Weldon Johnson middle schools saw a 11 percent decline in black enrollment over the same time period. Even though these numbers definitely indicate a problem, DCPS officials try to play down the presence of a intergration adversity going on in the school district.

“The lottery does not use race or ethnicity to place students. It is a random selection based on our priority system,” DCPS Superintendent Nikolai Vitti told The Florida Times-Union.

However, if a “lottery” is indeed the reason behind the decline in black enrollment at top-rated DCPS maget schools, wouldn’t the chances of black students getting accepted into these schools be higher since they represent a sizable amount of the population in Duval County?

District data shows that 44 percent of DCPS students are black. Not only that, 35 percent of all the applicants at DCPS magnet schools are black. However, only 29 percent of all the magnet school students districtwide are black.

The obvious race problem at the magnet schools of Duval County, Florida has caught the attention of organizations like the Florida chapter of the NAACP. Hopefully, a difference can be made here if more awareness is being raised, which channels a high level of focus on the problem.

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