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Study Says Charter Schools Are As Horrible As Subprime Mortgages

By Victor Trammell

Proponents of charter schools have always tried to market these institutions as better alternatives to traditional public schools.

However, in many cases across America, this notion does not always add up when you look at the academic performance of the children who attend charter schools and compare that performance to the children who attend traditional public schools.

For this and many other reasons, such as finance, charter schools are closing in urban school districts left and right. Charter schools are only partially funded by taxpayers. However, they are privately administrated in an independent fashion, unlike traditional public schools.

The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is a national organization, which conducts various professional studies on a number of societal issues, including education. This year, the SSRN conducted an extensive study titled, Are We Headed Toward a Charter School ‘Bubble’?: Lessons From the Subprime Mortgage Crisis.

The authors of this study had a respectable agenda when they began their investigative research on the matter of the looming failure of America’s charter schools. They were particularly interested in the possibility of a burst of the charter school “bubble” and how that would adversely affect the black communities where the schools are located.

The findings of this study by the SSRN were particularly troubling. “Supporters of charter schools are using their popularity in black, urban communities to push for states to remove their charter cap restrictions and to allow multiple authorizers,” Preston C. Green III said in an interview with The Washington Post.

Mr. Green is one of the authors of the SSRN study. He is a sociologist who works at the University of Connecticut. Green believes that removing charter school cap restrictions and allowing multiple authorizers for these schools are a recipe for disaster. He also quoted the following in his interview with The Washington Post:

“At the same time, private investors are lobbying states to change their rules to encourage charter school growth. The result is what we describe as a policy ‘bubble,’ where the combination of multiple authorizers and a lack of oversight can end up creating an abundance of poor-performing schools in particular communities.” (The Washington Post)

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