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13-Year-Old Spa Owner Essynce Moore Named Teenpreneur

By Victor Trammell

The best thing you can teach your child(ren) is that it is never too early to start pursuing their dream goals.

A 13-year-old girl named Essynce Moore (pictured) is living proof that this teaching is worth being taught. Moore is the winner of the 2016 Teenpreneur of the Year Award, which is awarded by Black Enterprise Magazine.  For almost 20 years, Black Enterprise has given this award to a number of youths age 13-19.

Many of these youths have blazed their own trail in the worlds of science, the arts, manufacturing, and fashion. Moore is a budding businesswoman/fashionista. She began her illustrious career path at the tender age of six. At that time, she would create a number of designs by constructing drawings in her sketchbook.

In 2013, she turned this passion into an official business called Essynce Couture L.L.C. This business exists as a natural body product and clothing line. Moore has showcased her fashion line at New York Fashion Week event for both fall and spring. She has also showcased her brand at the Atlanta Kids Fashion Week event.

Moore’s accomplishments have been chronicled in a number of newspapers and magazines. The motto for her company is: “A child’s passion for fashion.” In 2015, Moore’s brand was expanded by the birth of a boutique called Essynce Couture Spa & Boutique.

“I always loved going shopping but I was never satisfied with the clothes,” Moore told Black Enterprise.

“I always wanted to change them a little, so I started drawing designs in my sketchbook. Then in 2010 my mother said let’s take a few ideas out of the sketch book and have them made. We found a seamstress and then sold the clothes online. I got good reviews and lots of likes for my T-shirt line, and they were selling quickly, so we went on from there,” she continued.

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