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Teacher Says Teaching Is an Uphill Battle

By Victor Trammell

Public school teachers are under siege in schools districts across the nation. Many U.S. states are depleting their budgets of much-needed monies that are needed to fund schools for our children.

This nation’s ongoing struggle with public education funding puts school teachers in a particularly difficult situation. The Washington Post published an eye-opening article on Sunday (July 17th), which talked about a North Carolina English teacher named Stuart Egan.

Egan teaches in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school district in North Carolina. Egan also blogs about education issues on a website called Caffeinated Rage. This website is a forum for public school teachers in North Carolina to talk about their dissatisfaction with the state legislature’s bad handling of the North Carolina public education budget.

The Post’s Sunday article basically covered Egan’s open letter to his fellow public school teachers in the state of North Carolina. Egan’s letter expressed the cumbersome reality of today’s public school teacher. He painfully pointed out the struggles facing teachers today in all the districts across his state.

“If you are a public school teacher in North Carolina, you are always under a bit of a microscope when it comes to accountability,” Egan wrote.

Public school teachers are asked year after year to sacrifice their time beyond the hours they’re paid to teach class and they have to dig deeper into their own pockets to provide children with basic classroom resources. This is not fair to them and the academic product expected to be delivered to students declines in value every year.

Egan also stresses that in North Carolina, there is a limited amount of state education policy makers in the legislature with a credible background in academics. This reality creates havoc when it comes to how state-sponsored standardized tests are produced.

“The tests that measure how well your students have achieved are usually constructed by for-profit companies under contract from the state government. Those same tests are probably graded by those very same companies – for a nominal fee of course,” Egan went on to write.

Stuart Egan’s call for action on behalf of our nation’s school teachers has not fallen on deaf ears. In fact, many U.S. states are facing the same uphill battle when it comes to how resources are allocated for their public school districts. This is why more and more parents are looking into homeschooling when it comes to educating their children.

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