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This School Bus Driver Is Not Going To Jail After Violating A Child

By Victor Trammell

A school bus driver for the Hamilton County, Tennesee public school district in the city of Chatanooga has pleaded guilty after being charged with aggravated statutory [email protected]

However, Alexander Rodriguez (pictured right), 34, the driver charged with this crime will not serve any jail time, according to various local media outlets. Rodriguez was charged with this serious crime after a March 2015 incident involving a 15-year-old girl who attended Sale Creek High School in Sale Creek, Tennessee.

According to an arrest affidavit, which was obtained by a local media outlet, the girl was reported missing after she was last seen getting on a school bus that was driven by Rodriguez. The girl told school administrators that Rodriguez then drove her to a garage where school buses are parked overnight.

After parking the school bus with the girl still inside, Rodriguez then took the girl to his car and drove to a local hotel where he forced her to perform oral $ex on him. The arrest affidavit also said that the girl told Rodriguez that the forced oral copulation was hurting her.

“I’m trying to make it hurt,” Rodriguez reportedly told the girl. After violating the girl in such a disgusting manner, Rodriguez reportedly took her to another location where he dropped the girl off and asked her to tell police that she was with a friend. The girl made a police report after her frightening ordeal.

The Chatanooga Police called Rodriguez later that evening asking him where the girl was located. He was subsequently arrested after not fully complying with the police department’s investigation.

Rodriguez made his most previous court appearance last Thursday at a sentencing hearing inside the Hamilton County, Tennessee courthouse. The judge in the case suspended Rodriguez’s 4-year prison sentence and ordered that he undergo a 10-year supervised probation sentence where he’d have to register as a $ex offender.

This is the latest in a series of cases that have emerged across the nation this summer, which involve unfairly lenient sentences for violent $ex offenders.

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