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This CA 10 Year Old Is a Social Entrepreneur

By: Krystle Crossman

There are many amazing kids out there who are trying to help us all live a peaceful and unified life however we don’t often get to hear about them. Leah Nelson is one of those wonderful children. She started a new initiative in her hometown of West Sacramento, CA called “Becuz I Care”. Her goal through this initiative that she has come up with is to try and spread a little happiness through her community and to have that happiness spread all over.

Nelson stands outside of grocery and department stores with a stack of papers and bracelets that are made from tiny elastic loops. Each of the papers explains just what the bracelet is for and what her intentions with this program are. Nelson wants people to do something nice for someone else, no matter how big or small, randomly. After they have done the random act of kindness Nelson says they are to give their bracelet to the person that they helped. She wants the bracelets to travel all over because that means that people are being kind to one another.

Nelson states that she just wants people to treat others with kindness and respect. Unfortunately we seem to have lost our way with this over the last few years. After completing the good deed that you have done and passing the bracelet along to somebody she wants people to put their stories up on her Twitter page or Facebook page. Her Facebook page already has almost 6,500 people following. There are posts from people showing off their bracelets and saying that they are ready to get out there and spread some kindness. Some people have even started making bracelets of their own. They have printed out Leah’s message and attached it and are spreading the kindness all over the country.

There are many people calling Nelson an inspiring person, especially for only being in the fifth grade. Nelson says that she feels that it is just human decency and is something that we should all aspire to. There are a lot of horrible things happening in the country today and Nelson hopes that by spreading these bracelets and messages of kindness that it can change even one person’s outlook on the world.


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