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Pre-School Kids Under 6 Years Old in NYC Just Got $4.6M

By Victor Trammell

New York City has just taken a much-needed step in the right direction when it comes to providing mental health services for school children aged six and under.

According to the New York Daily News, the office of New York City mayor Bill de Blasio (pictured left) just announced that it will pump $4.6 million dollars into NYC’s Early Childhood Mental Health Network (ECMHN). Starting in October, seven new ECMHN clinics will be opened in all five NYC boroughs.

New York City First Lady Chirlane McCray (pictured right) is a major proponent of this new initiative. McCray has been vocal about NYC’s new contribution to mental health services for children.

She says that this move is a big help toward helping ThriveNYC, a broader initiative designed for assisting in the efforts toward providing mental health services for children and young adults.

“Everyone will face hardship. That is a part of life,” McCray said in a statement.

“By acting early to help our youngest New Yorkers understand and manage their emotions, we can better equip them to handle stress, prevent or lessen the severity of future mental health challenges, and set them up for success. It is easier to grow a healthy child than to mend a broken adult,” she continued.

Under the new program, around 400 pre-kindergarten and day care facilities will get additional classroom and training resources to support mental health services for a variety of children.

Over 3,000 children and their families will have the opportunity to be the first participants in the project. The project’s administrators hope that eventually all of the city’s children and families will have access to adequate mental health resources at every city day care facility and universal pre-kindergarten education center.

The location of all the new clinics has not been determined as of yet. However, Carmen Fariña, the Chancellor of NYC’s public schools reassured that district is dedicated to its obligation to better equip its staffers with better mental health resources for children.

“Teachers and school administrators play an important role in nurturing a child’s social and emotional growth,” Fariña said in a statement.

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4 thoughts on “Pre-School Kids Under 6 Years Old in NYC Just Got $4.6M

  1. FalselyAccusedMoms

    HOW DARE YOU SHARE SUCH DANGEROUS INFORMATION without verifying it’s validity and whether or not it will hurt the chidlren of your readers. For the past three years, we’ve researched the heck out of NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) and found one thing: MASSIVE FRAUD and internal child abuse.

    We are SHOCKED and DISGUSTED that The Black Home School – which should already be sensitive to the challenges homeschool families have with CPS – would support the nation’s most dangerous foster care and child welfare agency, ACS. It’s so bad that there is an ONGOING, VERY HEATED federal class action lawsuit against ACS brought by the NYC Public Advocates office.

    Are you saying that a child that falls asleep in class is depressed and should be drugged? Because that’s what Chirlane McCray’s “THRIVE NYC” plans to do.

    Are you saying that because you’re poor your children should be over monitored and CPS should be on speed dial? Because that’s what Chirlane McCray’s “THRIVE NYC” plans to do.

    Are you saying that the SCHOOL PIPELINE to PRISON is a good thing? that teachers shouldn’t send kids to detention but call the police on them. When the cops come they issue tickets and fines and if the kids or their parents can’t pay the fine that a warrant should be issued against the child! Because that’s what Chirlane McCray’s “THRIVE NYC” plans to do.

    Have you actually even LOOKED AT or LISTENED TO McCray discuss THRIVE NYC? She admits to have “not having enough research” but she got nearly $1 BILLION to drug kids as young as TWO YEARS OLD! Thrive NYC will DESTROY Black families and medicate kids for saying things like, “My mother doesn’t love me,” if the child gets bad grades or other things that kids say but most often don’t mean.

    What a DESTRUCTIVE articel that you posted on Black Home School. If allowed to go unchecked, this article would discredit everything that appears on The Black Home School.

    When you’re ready for CLARITY and TRUTH to to When you’re ready to see a REAL LIFE casuality of McCray and her husband Bill de Blasio’s support of corrupt ACS, visit or

    The truth is out there if you’re willing to actually give a damn and go find it.


    Falsely Accused Moms

  2. Matt

    Those are really great new! Hope it is not just to soap our eyes and ears and money would be used properly. Everyone at wants better future for our kids. And if we pay more attention to programs like this there is a better chance of their proper implementation.


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