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NAACP: No More New Charter Schools

By Victor Trammell

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has made a firm request, which expresses the organization’s desire to eradicate what it considers is a huge hindrance in the progress towards education reform.

According to News One Now,  the NAACP has issued a resolution, which calls for a moratorium on the continuation of starting charter schools across the United States. A portion of this resolution reads as follows:

“Charter schools have contributed to the increased segregation rather than diverse integration of our public school system….Weak oversight of charter schools puts students and communities at risk of harm, public funds at risk of being wasted, and further erodes local control of public education.” (NAACP)

The NAACP’s issuance of this resolution basically states the belief that no new charter schools should be built in this country. The organization feels that charters schools have systematically been allowed to expel students for disciplinary reasons in a manner that adversely affects black and minority students.

The NAACP’s resolution also opposes tax breaks, which benefit charter schools and requests new legislation to augment the transparency of charter schools. Supporters of charter schools have historically contended that these institutions are buffers against the civil rights violations that occur in traditional public schools.

Steven Singer, a blogger, and contributor to wrote an article that was published on July 30th that talked about the formidable lobbying power that charter school proponents have in the battle going on over the credibility of these institutions.

“The pro-charter story has been told by deep-pocketed investors such as the Koch Brothers and the Walton Family Foundation, Singer wrote.

“But the idea that a separate parallel school system would somehow benefit black and brown children goes against history and common sense,” he continued.

A portion ofThe NAACP’s controversial resolution can be read by clicking here.

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