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Mother Launches School Supplies For Black Kids & They Sell Out

By Victor Trammell

Implementing an idea that requires you to use your creativity and eventually give you the ability to deliver an essential product or service to supporters of your brand is a wonderful thing.

This is the most fundamental process that a successful entrepreneur must go through in order to achieve his or her goals. The most unassuming, everyday person can turn a spur of the moment idea into a successful enterprise that serves a legion of satisfied customers.

Take Nneka, 27 (pictured), is a prime example of who a person can become and what they can do being creative and using ingenuity. Nneka approached a crossroad period in her life when she was  recently discharged from the military honorably.

The single mother just started a business called Innovative Supplies, which features a product line of school supplies that are designed with themes of black pride. Madame Noire covered Nneka’s journey in an article that was published on Tuesday.

“[Nneka’s] notebooks [are] so dope you want to buy 20 for yourself and everyone you know. She took action and her products sold out,” wrote Erickka Sy Savane, a Madame Noire contributor.

Nneka is a young lady with a vision. In addition to expanding her school supplies business, she aspires to achieve other great goals which will give her the opportunity to make a difference in the world. She wrote the following message on her company’s website:

“I just recently left the military last month, after 9 years of service and two overseas deployments. I am starting a fresh, new chapter in my life. This fall, I am attending college. I will study to become a history teacher in my local area. I am about making a positive change in my community. This is one step towards that. I want to use this platform and this site as a way to reach out to the millennials who want variety, and who want to be a part of a bigger cause.” (

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