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Meet Nyeeam Hudson: An Amazing Motivational Speaker at Only 10 Years Old

By: Krystle Crossman

Nyeeam Hudson, or King Nahh as he refers to himself, is one incredible kid. At just 10 years old he has developed a name for himself around the world as he inspires kids to live confidently. Most recently he released a video about materialism. Hudson had been bullied by a group of kids at a park because he was wearing Fila sneakers. They were harassing him because he didn’t have expensive shoes like Jordans. In his video he spoke about how he told the bullies that it didn’t matter what kind of shoes he had on and that it only matter what he had inside of his head. He said that the knowledge that he has now will last him a lifetime while the shoes on his feet were only going to last for a very short amount of time and will be forgotten.

Hudson currently has over 60,000 followers on his Instagram page. He regularly posts motivational statuses and videos for kids. He tries to spread messages of self-love. One of the images that he posted had the quote, “A boy with a low self-esteem grows to be a man with no self-esteem”. He has written a book that tells kids and adults alike that self-esteem and confidence are extremely important. The book is called “We Are All Kings!” where he speaks about realizing that you are born with all of the qualities and potential of a king and how to put that into practice as you grow.

At this point in time the book has done well and Hudson wants to do more. He has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help raise $10,000 to produce an audio and paperback version of the book as well as set up a website and travel around the country to read the book to students in schools. So far he has raised almost $4,000 on the campaign in roughly three months. He states that he has written pages and pages of his next book which will be more on the creative side. His first book was a collection of the daily journals that he wrote while traveling around the world and speaking to kids from all over. He is also writing a book that is geared towards building the confidence of young girls called, “We Are Queens, Too!”.


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