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Psychologist: Cut Kids’ Activities, Let Them Be Bored

By Victor Trammell

Parents can often struggle with keeping their children engaged in enriching and recreational activities during the summer months when school is out.

Summer camps, summer school programs, and sports league activities are common alternatives that parents use to help them with the child care they need while they’re working when school is not in session. However, some psychologists and child development specialists suggest another alternative: Let children be bored.

Quartz News Online published an interesting article earlier this summer, which covered the opinions of a few child psychologists who gave their reasoning for choosing boredom as an alternative for children to have when school is out and there is little to do.

Lyn Fry, a child psychologist in London told Quartz the following when explaining why boredom is essential to children:

“Your role as a parent is to prepare children to take their place in society. Being an adult means occupying yourself and filling up your leisure time in a way that will make you happy. If parents spend all their time filling up their child’s spare time, then the child’s never going to learn to do this for themselves.” (

This is an interesting point. It places an onus on children to use their minds and explore their level of creativity. Giving children the opportunity to make their own decsions about how they constructively use their time puts them in a position to be ready for adulthood when the time comes.

This is why homeschooling is such a great alternative education system for many parents. As a homeschooler, you don’t have the option of closing the doors every spring or opening them up every fall when it is time to go to school or end the year.

Your children are with you year round so the ability to shape their academic sense of value is on you. The space for you to encourage their potential is always there. At home, boredom is not necessarily a bad thing for children. As a homeschool parent, you can be that guiding light that helps them tap into their hidden potential.

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