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Public Education Is Up For Sale Across The Globe

By Victor Trammell

A covert and experimental effort to privatize public school districts for taxpayer funded education systems might be under way.

In the U.S., there has been over 30 years of rhetoric coming from corporate education gurus about how the privatization of public schools system is a good idea. In the U.K., the Conservative Party government has orchestrated a plan to privatize every public school in that nation.

In Africa, there is also a vast transformation process underway to put all public education institutions up for sale. According to U.S. News, billionaires all over the globe, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are pouring money into companies like Bridge International Academies, a Kenya-based global education privatization organization.

“Many of the plans to privatize education globally can trace their beginnings back to ideas and funding that started in the United States,” wrote Diane Ravitch, a U.S. News guest contributor.  Ravitch went on to write the following:

Today, almost every state has endorsed and opened charter schools. About 90 percent of these schools are non-union; one-quarter of the nation’s charters have received financial support from the right-wing Walton Family Foundation, which was created by the family that owns Walmart. (

The idea of turning the public school sector into a cash cow for private corporations borders on immorality. To insinuate that the current social education inequalities that exist in “First World”  countries like America provide a ripe endeavor for profit sounds like a clear-cut case of venture capitalists at work as greedy education opportunists.

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