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Schools Are Failing Our Boys; Here’s Why

By Victor Trammell

Society obviously molds our children in a subconscious manner, which starts at the time of their birth.

Once parents are ready to start sending their children off to school to be educated, the subconscious molding of their image intensifies. Parents have little control over how their children’s images are labeled and influenced by the conventional school system because of their obligation to the workplace.

Girls and boys are most definitely influenced and labeled differently by the socialization process that goes on in today’s schools. Boys, in particular, have been negatively shaped by their experience at school in today’s modern society.

Jennifer Fink, a freelance writer, and creator of wrote an interesting opinion-editorial, which was published by the Washington Post. Fink’s article eloquently explained how today’s schools are failing boys in society. Fink believes that boys are severely restricted by the limits schools place on physical activity.

“The lack of movement and rigid restrictions associated with modern schooling are killing my son’s soul,” Fink wrote.

“He hasn’t been allowed outside at school all week; it’s too cold. Yet this son has spent happy hours outside at home this week, all bundled up, moving snow with the toy snowplow, creating “snowmobile trails” in our yard with his sled and shoveling both our walk and our neighbors. Because he wants to,” she continued.

Fink also went on to explain how conventional schooling has changed over the last 150 years. Instead of the traditional hands-on learning experience, boys force-fed an experience that discourages their ability to build.

“Back then, boys (and girls) primarily learned by doing. Kids between the ages of 5 and 18 weren’t corralled into schools and kept apart from real life; out of necessity, boys worked on the farms and girls helped in the house,” Fink wrote.

“Entire families worked together to survive, and along the way, boys and girls learned how to function in the real world,” she continued.

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