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How Do Education Apps Affect Kids’ Learning?

By Victor Trammell

The usage of apps to enhance learning for children in a variety of educational subjects is a huge part of teaching in today’s highly technological world.

There are many upsides to utilizing apps in the process of educating the youth. One of these upsides is being able to make learning fun for children while catering to their desire to use today’s technological gadgets as they engage in a new and innovative educational experience.

However, there are some conventional thinkers out there who are compassionate about education that believe there are some downsides to predominantly using apps to educate children. One of these thinkers is a Finland-based, American educator named Timothy Walker.

Walker is also a contributing writer to The Atlantic Magazine. He’s currently working on a book called Teach Like Finland: 33 Simple Strategies for Joyful Classrooms. published an article written by Walker today, which raised a legitimate question about how apps and video games really affect children’s learning.

“Some say apps that make learning fun are key, but what’s lost when all that learning is spent looking at a screen?” Walker wrote.

Walker’s article also covered an interview he conducted with Lauri Järvilehto, a Finnish businessman in the tech industry. Järvilehto is the co-founder of Lightneer, an education gaming company that is about to launch its first education app called Big Bang Legends.

Walker talked about an awkward moment during his interview where he said Järvilehto admitted that his company’s new education app isn’t necessarily a learning tool.

“The game actually doesn’t teach you anything,” Järvilehto said in his interview with Walker. If a well-established tech businessman in the educational gaming industry could say such a thing about a teaching resource he helped create, then what does this mean for the children that will one day rely on this Big Bang Legends app to learn?

It would be wise to conclude that technology is a great aspect of today’s learning environment for children. However, using moderation in a child’s learning curriculum is key to getting the right result.

There has to be a proportionate mix of today’s innovative technology-based learning models and the conventional hands-on model for learning, which involves doing things instead of merely watching a screen all day.

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