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Study: Let Your Kids Fail

By Victor Trammell

Encouraging children to do their best work in order to reap acceptable results is a part of the parenting process.

However, setbacks are also a part of the reality children face as they grow up. According to a research study, expecting children to do well and helping them each and every time they attempt a task is not necessarily the right thing to do.

This study was conducted by three researchers working on behalf of Queensland University of Technology in Australia. The final summary of the study was published in the Australian Journal of Guidance and Counseling. Judith Locke, Marilyn Campbell, and David Kavanagh were the authors of the final summary.

A term called “overparenting” was the main concept this research study analyzed. Overparenting is defined as being excessively protective over a child’s well-being. The prescribed remedy researchers shared in order  to cure overparenting while allowing your child the opportunity to gain more knowledge was simple: Let them fail.

To make their case, the researchers showed what can happen to children when they aren’t given the opportunity to experience the sting of failure and bounce back from it on their own.

“Many popular media authors posit there will be immediate or eventual harm for children who are parented with an excessively cultivating parenting approach, as they claim it does not allow children to develop independence or become fully-functioning, community-minded adults (Levine, 2006; Nelson, 2010),” the study’s authors wrote.

The study involved the online surveying of 128 professionals who shared information about their personal experiences with overparenting. After the initial survey process, 86 of the respondents shared lists of the type of behaviors, which they felt exemplified what overparenting is.

“Behavioural examples provided by respondents may also have been biased by the description of overparenting as ‘monitoring, protection and caring for children’: there may have been other facets of overparenting that were not included as a result,”‘ the study’s authors also wrote.

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