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Cop Who Snatched, Slammed Black Girl From Desk Won’t Be Charged

By Victor Trammell

Justice has been denied for a black female teen who was physically brutalized at her school by a white male police offer in South Carolina (S.C.).

According to The New York Daily News, Ben Fields, the condemned officer at the center of this case will not face criminal charges over this incident. Fields committed the barbaric October 2015 assault on a black female student at Spring Valley High School in Richland County, S.C. after he was called to the classroom to respond to a very minor case of insubordination.

The black female student allegedly ignored the teacher’s request to put her cell phone away. However, nothing the girl did warranted what happened after Fields intervened. The black female student was placed in a choke hold, flipped over on her desk, and dragged like a rag doll across the floor as Fields kept her head tightly constricted in a crippling headlock.

The entire attack against the black female teen inside the classroom was recorded via cell phone video by another one of the girl’s black female classmates. In the video (which went viral), the girl who was attacked screamed and yelped helplessly as her abuser assaulted her with overwhelming force.

Fields was fired by the Richland County Sheriff’s Office after the video was viewed by his supervisor. A criminal report was filed subsequently and the case was handed over to the Richland County Solicitor’s Office.

However, after an investigation of this case was recently completed, Daniel Johnson, the elected Richland County Solicitor decided not to file charges against Fields over last year’s incident at Spring Valley High School. The Daily News revealed the 12-page court report written by Johnson (who is black), which explained his irresponsible decision.

“It is my legal opinion that under the relevant law, [Fields’] conduct on October 26, 2015 does not warrant criminal charges,” Johnson wrote in his report.

Apparently, Mr. Johnson is doing the bidding of his puppeteers at the Richland County Sheriff’s Office. By refusing to render justice for a helpless black girl who was a victim of physical violence in her own school at the hands of a condemned officer of the law, Johnson sends the dangerous message that the blue wall of silence is still intact.

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