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Twitter Is Going Crazy Over This Teacher’s Outfit During School

By Victor Trammell

In the news, stories about teachers being charged with performing indecent liberties with minor children are reported more often than many would like to see.

The school is the last place a parent should have to worry about their child being violated with or without consent. Normally, the criminal cases that involve consent happen between a female adult teacher and an underage male student. However, a female adult teacher in Atlanta is making the news for another reason.

Patrice Brown (pictured) is the fourth grade teacher who is at the center of controversy right now over what many people are calling racy pictures of her wearing $exually suggestive attire in the classroom. These photos are causing quite a stir on Twitter and Instagram. Brown has been named “$exiest teacher” on social media over her pictures.

The photo of Brown, which is used to illustrate this article is one of her most conservative images. However, the photos on Instagram that brought much more attention have been taken down. Brown has a lot of followers on social media and seems to enjoy her status as a viral sensation, which is evident in the countless selfies she posts of herself while school is in session.

Many people who have made comments in opposition to Brown believe that she should take her status as an educator of children more seriously and not use the classroom as a platform to show off a $exually-charged image. It is also worth noting that Olivia Sprauer (an English teacher in Florida) was fired in 2013 over her shameless promotion of racy photos she took of herself that landed on social media.

Some teachers fail to accept the fact that they are in a special societal space. The public has to trust them with the hearts and minds of the nation’s children every day. If they cannot accept the scrutiny that comes with that space, they shouldn’t apply for the job.

Maybe Brown’s actions would be more socially acceptable if she were a model or an actress on reality TV. People have the right to oppose this reality, but that is the way it is whether teachers choose to accept it or not.

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