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Blogger is Fed Up With Her Parenting Style and Decides to “Not Give a Crap”

By: Krystle Crossman

What kind of parent are you? Do you take tips and advice from other parents or do you do your own thing? Do you follow books and online videos? There are many different ways to be a parent but the best way is to be yourself and do what you feel is right for yourself and your family. In the end you are you alone can make the decision on how to parent your children, so it shouldn’t matter how other people do it right? This is the conclusion that blogger Chaunie Brusie came to one day. She has adopted the “not giving a crap” parenting method.

Brusie said that she was exhausted as a parent. She was comparing herself to all of the other parents that she knew. She would look at other people and look at how they were raising their children. She would then look at how she was raising her children. She would agonize over the things that she was doing wrong according to how other people were doing it. The time and effort that she spent doing this was mentally and physically exhausting. One day she looked at what she was doing and realized that it was time for a change.

What many of us do not realize is that we are the only ones looking at how we parent our kids and truly care about it. Other people may judge your methods but they are either only doing it to make themselves feel better or they are doing it because they are quick to judge everyone. As a parent you are truly the only one that actually takes a vested interest in your parenting skills. Brusie said that it took her eight years but she finally stopped caring about what she was doing as compared to other people. She stopped looking at their methods. She stopped judging other parents who appeared to be “perfect” to make herself feel like a better parent.

What Brusie found since she adopted her new parenting style is that she has more time for her family. The decisions that she makes are based on her knowledge of her children and her gut instincts. She enjoys not spending countless hours on research about whether one form of punishment is better than another or what foods are the best. She says that it is hard to start doing this but once you get into a routine it becomes easier.


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