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At Just 17 Years Old Thessalonika Arzu-Embry is About to Earn Her PhD

By: Krystle Crossman

At age 11 most of us were outside playing with our friends, doing our homework, and worrying about what we were going to learn the next day at school in fifth or sixth grade. Thessalonika Arzu-Embry looked at life a little differently. Instead of playing outside with friends she would stay indoors studying. Instead of worrying about her life in the fifth grade she was earning her diploma. With an IQ of 199 Embry has been advanced her entire life. She has accomplished many wonderful things and the now 17-year old is about to hit another major milestone. She will be earning her PhD.

When she was just 14, Embry earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. A short two years later she earned her MBA. Now just one year since earning the MBA she is going after her doctorate degree in aviation psychology. When asked why she has picked this particular field and degree she stated that she wants to do her part to reduce the number of plane accidents that are caused by human error. Fatigue, stress, and depression are commonplace with aviation occupations which can all lead to disastrous accidents without intervention. She calls it a blend of business and psychology that can help to save many lives by recognizing pilots who are in need of therapeutic intervention before anyone is killed. In an effort to get into the pilot’s shoes she has also acquired her pilot’s license.

Along with obtaining all of these degrees and getting her pilot’s license she is also an author. She has penned five books so far. They range in topics from finances to getting through college at an early age. In an interview she stated that she felt that she had an obligation to the world to help change people’s lives. She put the textbooks that her mother gave her to good use and spent her days studying. She worked hard and made it through school much quicker than her peers. She didn’t miss out on anything though as she feels that she is on her path in life and is extremely happy with the things that she is doing. She has set out on a mission to ensure that she is able to save lives and change lives. Between her books and her ambitious career path it seems like she is going to do just that.


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