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Why Charter Schools With Harsh Discipline Policies Target Black Communities

By Victor Trammell

Many children’s education advocates and organizations have been very critical of charters schools for a number of reasons.

Some say the loose administrative oversight due to the limited regulations of charter schools is problematic. Others say that these privately-run institutions have not been worth their weight in gold academically since the first American charter schools came into fruition in the early 1990s.

Nowadays, there is a new troubling reality being analyzed, which proves a pattern of heavy-handed disciplinary procedures being exercised by charter schools along racial lines. According to, a division of Atlantic Media, a big number of major U.S. cities have charter schools with some very harsh rules.

These schools are usually concentrated in predominantly black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Is this fact a matter of coincidence or is it orchestrated by design? CityLab also found that charter schools in New York City (NYC) accounted for 96 percent of NYC’s 50 schools with the highest out-of-school suspension and expulsion rates.

When CityLab went on to analyze this very same issue in Washington D.C., researchers found the same old story. In D.C. during the 2011-12 academic year, charter schools represented 80 percent of the 50 D.C. schools with the highest out-of-school suspension and expulsion rates.

CityLab analyzed Boston, Massachusetts as well. Researchers found the same pattern of charters representing the majority of the 50 Boston schools with the highest amount of out-of-school suspension and expulsions. In all of the cities that were analyzed, it was found that charter schools were located predominantly in black and Hispanic neighborhoods.

The method to this kind of institutionalized madness is simple. Labeling minority children and teens as problematic during their middle and high school years plays directly into the grand scheme being orchestrated by the engineers of the school-to-prison pipeline.

The charter school administrators that are enforcing these harsh disciplinary procedures and penalties are doing the bidding of a criminal justice system, which seeks to streamline minority juveniles into premature incarceration. The founders of these schools definitely had a plan to help exacerbate this trade-off of racial injustice.

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