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Mother Creates Book Subscription Box In Response to Lack of Books for Black Kids

By Victor Trammell

Readers are leaders! This is a mantra that all minority children in America should have drilled into their heads at a very young age. However, literacy rates for minority children who attend public schools in urban areas are at the bottom of the pack when it comes to their performance on standardized, state-assigned reading and English tests.

Fortunately, a black American mother is diligently working toward reinforcing literacy among minority children. This mother’s name is Tamara McNeil (pictured far left). McNeil got inspired to provide a book subscription box specifically for black children after she realized there was a lack of healthy literary sources of books geared toward them on the American market.

McNeil thoroughly enjoys reading children’s books to her own young son. However, white children in America are easily able to ask their parents to buy them children-themed books at places like Borders and Barnes & Noble, which are specifically catered to their own Eurocentric culture and privileged American experience.

Black children do not have this same level of relatability when it comes to choosing a book to read at their local mainstream literature chain like Borders or Barnes & Noble. The only alternative black children have in American society is to consume their culture by watching the negative depictions of their race’s image, which is delivered through sinfully secular television shows and motion pictures.

McNeil grew weary of this literary deficiency for the people of her community and decided to do something about it. She launched, which is a service that delivers two to three books a month to the parents of the organization’s predominantly black fan base. costs just $25 dollars a month, which is a small fee considering the high-quality reading you get for the price. McNeil’s JustLikeMe book subscription box features work written by major award-winning authors.

“I go to the library all the time to get books for my son,” McNeil quoted in an independent press release and online news report published for JustLikeMe via

“One day I looked around and wondered, ‘Where are all the books for Black children?’ I got frustrated and couldn’t believe that, of all the children’s books there, not enough of them were representative of my son or any of the Black children I knew,” McNeil continued.

The service provided by McNeil’s company is essential to black parents who are educating offspring in their own households.

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