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Fed Up School Cafeteria Worker Quits Job After Being Forced to Deny Hot Meal to Hungry Boy

By Victor Trammell

In a nation like the United States where food goes wasted more than it does in any other country, one would think that public school children would be the last ones to go hungry in their school cafeteria.

However, this idea serves as wishful thinking at many of the nation’s public schools where there are harsh school lunch policies for children from low-income families. An infuriating case like this was exposed nationally this past week at  Wylandville Elementary School in Eighty Four, Pennsylvania.

Wylandville is a school located in Pennsylvania’s Cannon-McMillan public school district. According to a former Wylandville cafeteria worker, this institution has an unfair school lunch policy, which refuses hot meals to children who have parents that owe small amounts of money on their  lunch accounts.

Cafeteria worker Stacy Koltiska (pictured left) told the Washington Post that she resigned from her lunch room job at Wylandville to protest a recent situation where she was forced to deny a crying and hungry first-grade boy a hot meal. Instead of a full-course meal served with warm chicken, he was given a cold cheese sandwich, a piece of fruit, and a milk.

“I will never forget the look on his face and then his eyes welled up with tears,” Koltiska wrote in a Facebook post on the day she resigned.

Koltiska shared her Christian beliefs in her interview with The Post. She told her interviewer that working for the Cannon McMillan public school district compromised her strongest values.

“As a Christian, I have an issue with this,” Koltiska said in her interview. “It’s sinful and shameful is what it is,” she continued.

A spokesperson for the Cannon McMillan school district told a local news source in the area that the executive decisions that were made to implement the new school lunch policy were business calls. The district also added that the new policy was not put into place to shame poor children. However, Koltiska is not buying it.

“They’re suits at a board meeting,” Koltiska said. “They are not the ones facing a child and looking them in the eye and taking their food away,” she continued.

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