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How Companies Like McDonald’s Are Exploiting Poor Kids and Schools

By Victor Trammell

Major garbage food cartels like McDonald’s are stooping to new lows under the guise of “helping underfunded public school systems” while “improving their public image.” reported on Monday (October 3rd) that McDonald’s is getting involved in public education with fundraising events called “McTeacher’s Night.” During the events, public school teachers are able to work a shift at McDonald’s restaurants.

In return, McDonald’s donates a portion of the proceeds to the schools where the teacher’s work. Teachers work free of charge as cashiers or cooks during the McTeacher’s Night events. McDonald’s requires the teachers to wear t-shirts with their company’s emblem on them.

Company documents with information about the McTeacher’s Night events say that “[A teacher’s] success depends on how well YOU PROMOTE this event at your school,” Think Progress reported. McDonald’s also gives teachers 500 flyers to promote the event at their schools, according to company documents.

However, many critics are speaking out against the McTeacher’s night events. They accuse McDonald’s of exploiting poor children and underpaid teachers for the purpose of promoting their hyper-commercialized agenda.

“What are we saying to educators? Are we not telling our educators to put in eight hours a day and then asking them to work a shift at McDonalds? For paltry field trip money?” Cecily Myart-Cruz told Think Progerss. Myart-Cruz is the National Education Association’s vice president of United Teachers, Los Angeles.

Myart-Cruz also said that school teachers are doing a disservice to themselves by promoting the consumption of hazardous food. She added that McDonald’s McTeacher’s Night events are just another way the big business puts in its bids to privatize public education.

“It’s another way to privatize education. Education is already privatizing and this is just another way to do it,” Myart-Cruz continued.

McDonald’s makes billions in profits every year. This company clearly doesn’t have to enlist free laborers in the education system who have already put in full days teaching children at school in order to “give back” to the community.

Without taking any financial loss tax-wise, McDonald’s could easily donate three times the money each school brings in from participating in McTeacher’s Night without receiving any free labor in return. Major companies always seem to want something in exchange for giving practically nothing while pretending to be “good corporate citizens.”

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